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Rider Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy aims to improve the posture, symmetry and balance of the rider. Whether a weekend rider or a seasoned competitor, we can help make your time in the saddle more comfortable, your riding more effective and help improve your horse’s way of going.

Rider Assessment

Rider assessments are carried out in the comfort of your own home, where a thorough assessment will enable us to identify areas of asymmetry and weakness, giving us a sound idea of what you may find difficult in the saddle.

Mounted Rider Assessment

Mounted rider assessments are carried out at your yard and provide useful information about your actual riding position and its effect on your horse’s movement. If required, a physiotherapy assessment of the horse can be performed at the same time.


Riding/sports injuries treated include:
• Back pain & Sciatica
• Neck Pain & Whiplash
• Ligament sprains
• Muscle & tendon injuries
• Arthritis & stiffness
• Postural problems
• Rehabilitation after fractures/falls

Following rider assessment and treatment, a programme of individualised, simple, effective exercises will be prescribed to improve your posture, core stability and balance, ultimately improving your position in the saddle. .